Blockade Runner

A sturdy warship that sees a lot of combat, the blockade runner is the place to be for those who want to get plenty of action.

Crew: 565 (pilots, navigation, gunners, sensors, communication, repair, administration, and support staff)

Passengers: 100

Cargo: 3,000 cubic meters, including equipment, storage, supplies, and escape pods

Life-Support Supplies: 1 year

Weapons: 6 laser cannons (3 forward arc, 1 starboard arc, 1 port arc, 1 rear arc, gunnery bonus +3D, range 15/36/73, damage 4D); 1 sensor probe launchers (1 forward arc, range 2/16/14)

In-System Drive

Move: 6 (space); 300 (atmosphere, 850 kph)

Maneuverability: +2D

Interstellar Drive Rating: 2.0; backup: 0.1

Hull Toughness: 4D

Atmosphere Capability: Yes

Armor: +1D

Shields: +1D

Scale: 26

Length (approximate): 150 meters (can be of any shape except spheroid)

Total Cost (new): 3,000,000/Price Difficulty: 320

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