Some say that to look upon the chalsamar is to view the face of the Creator. These crystalline creatures have evoked both wonder and awe among those who gaze upon the heavens, but they amazingly still remain an enigmatic force. Although there have been few recorded sightings in known history, scientists, sages, and a growing number of learned folk feel these beings could be as old as the universe and may have been given life when the early universe to form heavenly bodies. Many cults on remote space colonies worship the chalsamar as divine harbingers, and they sacrifice “infidels” to stay their “righteous” wrath.

Typical Chalsamar

Agility 6D: firearms: ray 6D+1, flying/0-G 8D
Strength 8D+1: stamina 10D+ 1
Mechanical 1D: navigation: space 5D
Knowledge 2D: intimidation 8D, survival: space 6D, willpower 4D+2
Perception 3D: search 5D Technical 0D
Strength Damage: 4D
Move: 3 (space units, space only)
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 0
Body Points: 35
Wound Levels: 3

Natural Abilities: translocation ray (damage 10D for determining relocating only; use firearms to make attack; use damage to determine distance of relocation – the greater the difference, the further away, with a Dead result indicating that target is sent to another dimension; actual relocation destination is decided on by the Game Master); crystal form (Armor Value +12D); interstellar flight (equivalent to 0.3 drive rating); can survive in space; large size (scale value 52)

These creatures usually happen into combat instead of initiating it, generally because a small star fleet, league of super-heroes, or similar power group decides to attempt thwarting the threat to a world that lies in the chalsamar’s path of destruction. Unfortunately, the conflicts are usually futile, but there have been rare cases where the interstellar dreadnaught was driven off course far enough to spare a seemingly doomed world. Such battles are often waged in deep space because even if creature’s trajectory is only altered by a fraction of a degree, it may be enough to avert disaster. Although some victors have cold of destroyed a chalsamar, it’s uncertain whether these beings can truly die because the fragments of their essence quickly congeals and fades into nothingness. There are those who speculate that the fragments are transported to an alternate universe where the creature reforms.

When the chalsamar detects solid objects in its flight path, the creature instinctively slows to sublight speed to bombard obstacles with its translocation beams, which sometimes simply relocate the object out of its way and, at other rimes, transport the offending target to a parallel universe. This power is also used to eliminate threats such as star fighters, heavenly bodies, or cosmic-powered beings. Should this fail, the crystalline creature makes small course corrections until it finds a clear path.

The arrival of a chalsamar might herald the beginning of sector-altering events as entire planets are evacuated to flee this creature. Bold characters who decide to stay and fight may fall prey to its translocating terror and find themselves adrift in another universe. Maniacally warped fools have been known to use metaphysics or super science to summon the crystalline being in an attempt to steal its power. The chalsamar has even been an unlikely hero by accidentally interposing itself between an invading interstellar armada and the outgunned world the fleet intended to conquer. This has lead some planet’s citizens to worship the being as a savior. A few who have had the rare opportunity to study the creature have found a way to use its shifting powers and turn it into a dimensional gate. This has lead to other beings from strange new worlds coming into this dimension.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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