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Alien Hunters

The cosmos is populated by many interstellar
civilizations. These advanced aliens have long ago
mastered the secrets of science and travel across
the incerstellar void with ease. Such beings would
scoff at humanity’s claim to universal supremacy.
To many of them, the residents of earth are little
more than a primitive annoyance to be avoided at
all coses. Unfortunately for humanity, the Ularr are
the exception to the rule because they have found
reason to endure the trek to earth. Homo sapien life
fulfils a special need for them. These intergalactic
travelers are relentless hunters, and the people of
Earth make excellent prey! Read the Full Article


Legend has it the name “Thayarr” – which is both singular and plural – stems from one philosopher’s observation about their nature in her native language: “They are to us as we are to nothing.” Regardless of the veracity of this Statement, the sentiment is entirely right; to a race such as Thayarr who count the stars themselves as home, the concerns and thoughts of planet-bound peoples are almost too trifling to consider.

The Spool

They call themselves the Spool; although it is unknown if this name is singular or plural, xenobiologists use the name for both. When a Spool was asked for clarification about its name, the befog calmly said, “We are the Spool, from which unwind the mind of puppets.” The contempt dripping from its voice perfectly matched the hubris in this explanation (if true); to the Spool, all other minds are merely playthings, toys to be used and abused at will. And, like a spoiled child with a toy, if one should break … well, there are many more out there, waiting to be played with.


Across the known universe, countless resources have been spent to ease the fears of emperors and paupers alike as governments seek to protect their precious holdings from those who covet them. Their vast war machines purchased with the blood of the masses prowl through the silent void of interstellar space and stand as mobile monuments to the prowess of their masters’ military might. Indeed, most would be foolish to challenge such formidable forces. The mere presence of these juggernauts stands as a bloodless preemptive strike aimed at the hearts of those who would conquer them.


The Verdendrian people are a prime example of just bow diverse intelligent life can be. Evolved from plants, they are simple in motive yet mysteriously complex in reasoning. A star-faring race, they seem to have only a passing interest in colonization, however they are avid explorers. Carousing with a Verdendrian is almost completely devoid of value, but they can be found in starport taverns across the galaxy. Some species find them terribly fascinating; others, completely frustrating.