Den Mothers

Den mothers appear as normal women, usually middle-aged or older. They are seemingly kind and gentle, but this is merely a facade for their true evil.

Den mothers seem to be in charge of small groups of other monsters, especially “the Children.” They organize and direct the unholy activities of their broods. The most terrible aspect of a den mother is the sickly sweet devotion it shows to its charges, giving the monsters praise and treats for especially hideous aces, as if they were lovable children.

The creatures have also been known to hire themselves out as nannies and housekeepers. They will serve their victims faithfully until trust is gained. Then, the den mother will strike, murdering the entire family while everyone sleeps.

While they are not especially powerful, den mothers possess a high degree of intelligence and cunning. Rather than fight, den mothers, once discovered, prefer to flee and set up shop in some other community. They only fight if cornered.

The Children look like orphans, about six to ten years old and seeking love and kindness. They exhibit same the mode of operation as den mothers: They convince families to welcome them into their homes and then kill their foster families in their sleep.

Typical Den Mother

Physique 3D

Knowledge 3D+1: business 3D+2, languages 4D, medicine 3D+2, scholar 4D

Perception 4D: investigation 4D+2, search 4D+1, streetwise 4D+1

Presence 3D: charm 6D, con 4D+2, persuasion 6D, intimidation 3D+2

Strength Damage: 2D

Move: 1D

Fate Points: 1

Character Points: 3

Body Points: 19

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Quirk (R3), lust for killing

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Immortality (R1), anointing with the tears of an infant will kill it permanently

Typical Den Mother’s Child

Reffexes2D: brawling2D+2,dimbing3D+2,dodge 3D, melee combat 2D+2, sneak 3D+2

Coordination 2D: sleight of hand 4D

Physique 2D+1: running 2D+2

Knowledge 2D+2

Perception 3D: hide 4D, search 4D

Presence 4D: charm 6D, con 4D+1, persuasion 5D+2

Reflexes 2D+2: brawling 3D, dodge 3D, melee

Strength Damage: 1 D combat 3D, sneak 3D+2

Move: 1D

Coordination 2D: lock picking 3D+ 1

Fate Points: 0

Character Points: 3

Body Points: 17

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Quirk (R3), lust for killing

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Immortality (R1), baptism in a consecrated church will kill it permanently

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