The Indian tribes of the Southwestern United States have many legends. One is that the spirits, or manitous, of shaman who abused their great powers during life walk the earth in death. These manitous, the diableros, are doomed to an eternal quest to accumulate that which they covered in life.

A diablero’s power is in its eyes. With them, it can work its magic on others. However, its eyes are also its weakness. If blinded, it can only shapechange to make its escape. If the power of its gaze is reflected back on it, it is destroyed

The creatures aren’t shy about being seen. If a diableros cannot kill a targeted individual in a raid, it will find her and use its hypnotic powers to force the person to commit suicide. Diableros seem to enjoy taunting people; in the course of a raid, it will often wait until it encounters armed resistance and either slaughter the people or lead its pursuers on a wild chase, using its shapeshifting powers to ultimately escape. Within the city or area they are residing in, they will dwell in the highest location possible.

Typical Diablero

Reflexes 4D: acrobatics 4D+ 1, brawling 5D+1, climbing 6D+2, dodge 4D+1, melee combat 4D+ 1, sneak 5D+1

Coordination 2D

Physique 3D+1: running 5D, stamina 5D

Knowledge 2D+2

Perception 3D: investigation 4D, search 4D+1, survival 4D, tracking 4D+2

Presence 3D: con 4D+2, persuasion 6D, intimidation 5D, willpower 5D+1

Magic 3D: apportation 3D+1, alteration 5D+1, conjuration 4D

Strength Damage: 2D

Move: 10

Fate Points: 2

Character Points: 5

Body Points: 2D

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Advantage Flaw (R1), spells only work on targets that can see it this does not modify the spell difficulty; Achilles’ Heel (R4), sensitive to bright light +1 to all difficulties modifiers, increasing by + 1 per minute, and blinded for 1D rounds in initial exposure; Quirk (R3), obsessed with accumulating one thing (powers, riches, jewels, magical items, ere.)

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Attack Resistance: Non-echanted Weapons (R5), +5D to damage resistance rolls against relevant attacks; Immortality (R1), having the power of its gaze directed back at its eyes will kill it permanently; Shapechanging (R2), crow or coyote with Additional Effect (R1), can alter size; Ultravision (R3), negates up to 6 points of modifiers for dim or dark conditions

Lightning Storm Spell

Skill Used: Conjuration

Difficulty: 13

Effect: 15 (damage 5D)

Range: 15 meters (+6)

Speed: +6

Duration: 3 rounds ( +6)

Casting Time: l. 5 seconds (-1)

Other Aspects: I round (-4)

Countenance (-1): Hair raises from static electricity

Gesture (-2): Make quick, jagged motions with arms (fairly simple)

Making quick.,jagged motions with his arms begins the lightning storm spell. If successful, powerful electricity charges up within the caster, doing no harm to him save the raising of his hair. He may then cast a lightning bolt once in each of the next three rounds. To hit the target, he must make a separate apportation roll against a standard combat difficulty number. The mage may add the result points bonus of the spell total to the damage.

Weakness Spell

Skill Used: Alteration

Difficulty: 15

Effect: 12 (-2D to Physique)

Range: 10 meters (+5)

Speed: +5

Duration: 1.5 minutes (+1D)

Casting Time: 1 round (-4)

Other Aspects:

Gesture (-2): Point at target then let arm fall limp (fairly simple)

Focused ( +4)

The mage points at the target and lets his arm fall limp as he finishes the spell. The victim’s strength is sapped (and her Physique reduced by 2D) for the duration of the spell.

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