Gadgeteers are the people who make things and put things back together – and they do it exceptionally well. These people are vital resources for everyone on any side of a conflict. Call them grease-monkeys, gearheads, gadgeteers, techies or whatever, their role is the same, making the toys better and putting them back together after they get broken. Gadgeteers are often a vital part of any team but they are rarely in the spotlight, usually their work is behind the scenes making everyone else’s job easier.

For the heroes, gadgeteers are the people who keep your vehicles running under impossible circumstances and repairs things that have been savaged by dinosaurs. The heroic gadgeteer always has, or makes, the right tool for the current emergency. The heroic gadgeteer will risk any hardship to make sure her allies equipment is ready and repaired, even under fire and often at the very last moment. Speaking with a Scottish accent, however, is purely optional.

For the villains, the gadgeteer is the mad scientist who builds the villain’s death ray and aerial fortress, who oversees their monster-breeding program and maintains the powered armor of the elite enforcers. They love money and the chance to play with high tech toys so much that they blind themselves to what uses their technical genius is put. Rarely, the evil gadgeteer will be the main villain of the piece, using his latest invention to rob banks or steal the diamonds needed for his ultimate prismatic laser.

In either case, the gadgeteer’s natural habitat is his or her workshop. These workshops are usually packed with items in mid-repair, old pieces of equipment to be cannibalized for parts and half finished inventions. Exploring a gadgeteer’s workspace can be an adventure in itself.

Typical Gadgeteer

Reflexes 2D+2: dodge 3D+2

Coordination 3D: lockpicking 3D+ 1, marksmanship 4D, piloting 4D

Physique 2D+2: lifting 3D

Knowledge 3D+2: demolitions4D, security 4D+ 1, tech 40+2

Perception 4D: investigation 4D+1, repair 7D, search 40+1

Presence 2D: charm 2D+ 1

Strength Damage: 2D

Move: 10

Fate Points: 1

Character Points: 3

Body Points: 18

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Debt (R1), to supplies; Employed (R1); Devotion (R3), to equipment and machines; Quirk (R3), frequently uses technical jargon

Advantages: Equipment (R1), special tools and workshop; Trademark Specialization (R1), +2D to any one tech or repair specialization

Special Abilities: Luck: Good (R1); Skill Minimum (R1), repair, security, and tech

Equipment: handgun (damage 4D); repair kit (+1D to repair attempts)

Note: An evil gadgeteer also has command+ 1D and Equipment (R2), a weird and very dangerous invention.

D6 Adventure Creatures (WEG 51021), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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