Headless Entities

The Headless Horseman of legend is
one a type of spectral creatures that seek
to regain in death what it had lost or been
denied in life, in the case of the Headless
Horseman, that is, a new head. Other,
similar entities may seek a hand, a heart,
or even something immaterial such as love
or respect. Universally, these entities are
driven to commit terrible acts in order to
achieve their goals.

Headless entities are bound to various
rules regarding where they can or cannot
be and when they can appear. They are
always con£ned to a limited area, which
can be as small as a single estate or as large
as a small country. They must follow a set
schedule of appearance, though it may nor
be immediately apparent. Some examples
include: under the full moon, every mid-
night, on nights when a cold wind blows
in from the North, the week following the
death of a member of a particular family,
or a similar event. This further means that
if a headless entity is killed by any means
other than its vulnerability, it will again
manifest the next time the appropriate
conditions are met.

Each headless entity is vulnerable to some
form of attack, usually the same thing that
killed them in their previous life, such as
struck by lightning, drowning, being shot
though the hearr, or being slain with a
particular sword.

The headless entity uses its amazing
mobility to disorient and confuse irs target
before moving in to harvest whatever it
seeks. When the headless emity manifests
its speed, it creates a spectral horse co ride
(from where it gets its name); some more
modern entities of this type manifest motor-
cycles, cars, or even planes. The “mount”
vanishes into mist and fog as soon as the
entity dismounts.

The headless entity does not seek co kill
it victims per se but caking what it desires
usually has chat effect (most people being
unable to live without their heads, for
example). It may be possible to trick or
confuse a headless entity with an excellent
reproduction of what it seeks.

Typical Headless Entity

Reflexes 3D: acrobatics 4D, brawling 4D, dodge 4D+1, melee combat 4D+1, riding 4D+1, sneak 4D+1
Coordination 3D: throwing 4D
Physique 3D
Knowledge 1D+2: navigation 3D
Perception 3D: search 4D, tracking 4D+l
Presence 3D+l: intimidation 5D+1, willpower 5D+1
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 20
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 6
Body Points: 22
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel (R4),
rakes 3D damage per round exposed co
sunlight or may only flee before any bright
light; Advantage Flaw (R3), only appears at
particular times for a few days; Devotion
(R3), to acquiring missing “thing”

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Attack Resistance:
Nonenchanced (R2), +2D to damage
resistance roll against related attacks; Blur
(R3), +3 to dodge, sneak, and hide totals of
character and all related difficulties against
character; Fear (R1), +1 to intimidation
totals and combat totals against those
affected; Hypermovement (R10), bonus to
Move; Immortality (R1), can only be killed
by its vulnerability; Intangibility (R1), can
pass through solid objects; Silence (R1),
+2D to meak rolls and +1D to attack rolls
when striking from behind

Equipment: personal weapon (damage +1D+1); mount

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