Gremlins are the most feared creature in any
society advancing in technology. While they are not
the most powerful supernatural creatures, they have
the ability to cause machines of all sorts to cease to
function properly.

Gremlins stand only three-quarters of a meter tall
when fully erect and weigh less than 20 kilograms.
Their skin colorations vary from black to dark gray
to dark green, and they have no hair on their bodies.
They are gaunt in appearance, Like an emaciated
human. Their hands, however, have fingers that
are thinner than a human’s and much longer. Their
fingers and hands are powerful, with a firm grip
chat can loosen the tightest nuts and boles without
the aid of a tool. Most Gremlins trim all buc one
of their fingernails. That one fingernail is allowed
to grow so it can be used as screwdriver.

The Gremlins seem to be in a permanent crouch
and move about in quick scurries from shadow to
shadow. They do not seem to be affected by light, but
they know prematurely exposes their presence and
their handiwork. Even when moving, most people
simply perceive a fleeting shadow across the periph-
eral of their vision. Onlywhen a Gremlin is cornered
or crapped can people get a clear view of it.

Their bodies are so good at camouflage that they
dissipate heat to match their background; they thus
cannot be seen on thermal scans. They can halt their
breathing for up to five minutes so even that slight
noise and motion is eliminated in a crisis situation.
The Gremlins prefer hiding, deception, and running
away to any sort of confrontation with people.

Gremlins have a special mechanical ability: They
can look ata device and discern what its use is, how it
works, and how to make it breakdown. They delight
in causing machinery malfunctions theywiU do with
absolute glee, so they can feed off of the emotions
of chose that use the machinery. Usually, they will
do so in such a way chat not direct and immediate
physical harm is done to the users.

A captured Gremlin could be a great boom to
an industrial business, as they can repair machinery
just as quickly as they can break it – assuming
they can be made to cooperate. In addition, they
can be useful in pointing out weaknesses and faults
in designs.

Typical Gremlin

Reflexes 4D: acrobatics 4D+2, brawling 4D+1, climbing 5D, contortion 5D, jumping 4D+1, melee combat 4D+1, sneak 6D
Coordination 3D: lockpicking 3D+2, sleight of hand 4D+2, throwing 30+2
Physique 30: lifting 40+2, running 5D
Knowledge 2D+1: demolitions 3D, scholar: machinery 5D, security 3D+2, tech 6D
Perception 4D: hide 5D, investigation 4D+2, search 4D+2, repair 6D
Presence 1D+2: intimidation 2D+2
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 3
Body Points: 19
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel (R3), feed off of negative emotions; Devotion (R3), to causing mischief in machinery; Infamy (R1)
Advantages: Size: Small (R1), scale value 3

Special Abilities: Blur (R3), +3 to dodge, sneak, and hide to totals and opponents’ related difficulties with Additional Effect (R3), does not show up on thermal scans;

Skill Bonus: Mechanical Aptitude (R5), +5 to demolitions, tech, and repair totals; Ultravision (R4), negates up to 4 points of modifiers for dim or dark conditions.

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