Mareen Traveling Artist Template

Species: Mareen

Occupation: Traveling Artist

Agility 3D

Mechanical 2D

Strength 1D+1

Knowledge 4D

Perception 4D

Technical 2D+2

Funds 4D

Credits 700

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 1D

Move 10

Body Points 26

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 15-20

Wounded / 10-14

Severely Wounded / 5-9

Incapacitated / 2-4

Mortally Wounded / 1

Dead / 0

Equipment: exoskeleton (life support; +20 to lifting and running; Armor Value +3D; operator uses own skills; land Move of 10; claw attack with damage +1D; scale value O; requires external food and oxygen supply to operate life support; only operable by Mareens); artist hand comp with storage and recording device.

Disadvantages: Cultural Unfamiliarity (R1), with air-breaching species; Achilles’ Heel (R3), die if out of water for more than 15 minutes; Advantage Flaw (R1), hand-related activities are impossible when not in suit and without access to special plant fibers; Devotion (R2), to acquiring unique and beautiful objects; Hindrance: Atypical Move (R1), can only swim and jumping is limited when not in exoskeleton; Quirk (R3), must make a Very Difficult Knowledge or willpower roll to overcome fascination with beautiful items – failing indicates that the Mareen is at a disadvantage in interactions until leaving the situation.

Advantages:Equipment(R3), exoskeleton (see equipment); Size: Small (R2), scale value 6.

Special Abilities: Environmental Resistance (R2), +6D to Strength or stamina in extreme environments; Natural Ranged Weapon: Electric Shock (Rl), damage 3D, range 5/10/20, with Restricted (R1), may only be used once per round; Water Breathing (R1).

Description: You’re traveling the galaxy seeking beauty in all its forms. You capture it electronically; someday, you’ll render the images in shell.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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