Pherro Pilot Template

Species: Pherro

Occupation: Pilot

Agility 3D

Mechanical 3D+2

Strength 3D

Knowledge 2D+2

Perception 2D+2

Technical 3D

Funds 3D

Credits 525

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 2D

Move 10

Body Points 25

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 15-20

Wounded / 10-14

Severely Wounded / 5-9

Incapacitated / 2-4

Mortally Wounded / 1

Dead / 0

Equipment: personal blaster (damage 3D; range 4/8/I2; shots 6); spare energy cell (6 shots); kavaam overcoat (ignore the detrimental effects of environmental heat or cold for 20 hours)

Disadvantages: Devotion (Rl), to family pack; Enemy (Rl), most feline species view Pherro as a threat they must eliminate; Quirk (R3), make a Very Difficult willpower roll to avoid getting into situations before thinking things through; Quirk (R2), make a Difficult willpower roll to stop a project once started

Advantages: Contacts (RI), other members of family pack; Trademark Specialization (RI), gain +2D to all search: tracking rolls

Special Abilities: Enhanced Sense: Sight (Rl), +l to sight-based skill totals; Enhanced Sense: Hearing (Rl), +2 to hearing-based skill totals; Extra Body Part: Tail (Rl)

Description: Not only do you tenaciously stick to a project, you sometimes find yourself doing the wrong ones. But most people overlook this because of your good nature and your better-than-average piloting skills.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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