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Pirate Corsair

Pirate vessels come in all shapes and sizes. This example is fairly typical, being a refitted cargo vessel with much of the portage space being used for additional weapons and shields. Many of the components come from several black-market sources, making the typical pirate ship look like a ragtag collection of parts welded together.

Military Carrier

The carrier is a huge military vessel used to ferry sublight fighters via interstellar travel and to launch them into combat. The carrier’s flight compliment includes six squadrons of six fighters each. The carrier usually also holds four shuttlecraft for administrative duties or ship-to-shore travel (as carriers are too huge to operate within the atmosphere of a planet). Most carriers are not as heavily armed as their massive size would imply, instead devoting more space to hangar and launch facilities and entrusting their defense to the fighters they carry, as well as to the escort vessels that usually accompany the carrier in fleet operations.